Write the guides, Knowledge Base items, FAQs, etc. for non-technical customers


Write the guides, Knowledge Base items, FAQs, etc. for non-technical customers.

Over the last 10 years, I have learned a lot about how to build a decent-looking, fast-loading, functional WordPress site. However, I do not have a technical background, e.g., I am not a programmer or professional website designer; I do not have a computer science degree. I work in healthcare–my job has nothing to do with IT or technical subjects. My current WordPress site is primarily a community service/educational site–I do not make money from it. I work on it in my spare time.

I think there are a lot of people like me who are, or could be, KeyCDN customers. But when customers like me read instructions or guides with text like I copied below, we often become discouraged and cancel our accounts. And, of course, many people like me give up on their WordPress site altogether because it is hard to get it to work right unless you learn a lot of technical info.

Here are some examples - I do not mean this as harsh criticism, I’m simply trying to describe what it is like for non-technical customers like me.

From the Getting Started guide:

Check Your CDN Assets - Once your Zone is fully deployed, you’ll want to check an asset to see if it is properly accessible via the CDN. Choose one of your website’s static asset URLs…

What I am thinking when I read that: “What is an asset?” What is a ‘static asset URL’?"

Access your new CDN URL in a browser or use a cURL command in your CLI to verify the asset returns a 200 status.

What I’m thinking: “OMG I’m in over my head. I have no idea what a ‘cURL command’ is! And what is a ‘CLI’? A ‘200 status’?”

After searching on Google and spending 20 minutes reading about “cURL command”, most of which I don’t understand, I start to feel discouraged. I’m supposed to be able to ‘get the git’ or something like that, but I’m clueless. I find a page that explains that I need to download two or three different types of software in order to run a cURL command, and I see a screenshot that looks like DOS from the 1980s–I bought a Mac back then because DOS was so hard to learn. I give up on the cURL thing, although I might watch curling tonight when the Winter Olympics are on TV. :clown_face:

I realize that KeyCDN can’t become the Educational Company for Non-Technical People, but a bit more explanation–and perhaps some User Experience testing or surveys–would help folks like me.




Hi Mark,

We try our best to make our knowledgebase articles as clear as possible for both technical and non-technical users. Of course, if you need some extra guidance you can always open a support ticket with us directly from our support site: https://www.keycdn.com/support/


Hi Cody,

I recognize that the task is challenging. If you write a KB article that provides a concise answer for a technical customer, the non-technical customer will likely feel stupid. And if you write a comprehensive answer for a non-technical customer, your technical customers experience frustration having to wade through a bunch of rudimentary material to find the answer they seek.