Support of IPv6


At the moment there is no support for IPv6 at all. Other big players like cloudflare and akamai already rolled out support for IPv6. It would be nice to see keycdn follow up.


Yep, at the moment my website is fully compatible with IPv6, but KeyCDN is not… :frowning:


Correct, global IPv6 support is not offered at the moment but this topic is on our radar.



can you tell us what the current status of IPv6 is? I’am also waiting for that currently. Can you tease what your Roadmap says about when it “should” be finished?



it would be really nice, if anyone from KeyCDN would answer this from time to time or maybe tell us what the roadmap says. We don’t want a specific date but more an estimate like 2nd quarter of 2017 or something. Thanks, Keycdn team!


This is something important to us as well. If you don’t have it sometime soon’ish, we would look at leaving, unfortunately.



Any updates on this feature? I’m also waiting for IPv6 support.



A bump on this. You have some knowledge base articles on v6, but there doesn’t appear to be any support. This is really starting to be an issue for us. What do we need to do to accelerate this?


Pinging @moderators since we haven’t seen any updates on this from KeyCDN staff in quite some time. Do any of you have details on if/when IPv6 support might be implemented, or a timeline or roadmap to implementing this much needed feature?


Any news about IPv6 ? I see the topic was on your radar in 2016. Is it something you are working on ? Is there a timeline ?


Yes, still waiting. Or we should look for an other CDN? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Finally! We’re going to enable IPv6 in the next 4 weeks.


Looks operational :smiley:


Psst, it’s not yet official :slight_smile:


Status: The requested feature has been implemented.