Subusers with role and zone assignment



we’re just evaluating KeyCDN as a replacement for a other CDN provider and it looks very awesome so far!

Just one thing, as we have multiple projects where different people need access to the reporting and the analytics of a zone for example: It would be quite cool if there would be the possibility to create additional subusers and limit them to one or more zones. In addition it would be awesome, if those subusers could be assigned with roles like readonly for reports and full rights for co-administrating.

I’ve learned that this feature semes to be available for push zones already, but not for pull zones.

Thanks in advance



we have exactly the same problem.
Also evaluating KeyCDN, and this might be a K.O. criteria.
It seems weird that this kind of functionality is missing, as a CDN is probably often used by bigger companies with a more complex organisation than just one administrator.

Kind regards