Projections in web interface


Obviously a tiny feature, but it would be great if simple projections were made based on current usage to look into the future.

For example, the credit burn-rate could easily be projected to an expiration date.

The current usage for a month could easily be projected to a total use for the month. If it’s the 10th in the month and you’ve used 412GB, then the projected use for the current month is 1.27TB.

This is a great way to know how things are going right now. We use it all the time in our store. Based on sales-to-date in the month, multiplied by (days in months divided by current day in month), we get a great sense of how the current month is going.


What we currently offer is “Remaining Traffic”:

Projections can be tricky when considering various factors (volume pricing, number of zones) which can easily confuse customers. Nevertheless, we will consider further updates with additional information such as “date when running out of credits”.


Status: The requested feature is already available. Check answer above.

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