Letsencrypt and multiple Zone Aliases

Hi KeyCDN team / community,

I try to cache several different domains on a same zone but there seems to be some kind of limit when I try to add a new zonealias to a zone set up with Letsencrypt. The error message is “You can define only one Zonealias per Zone with Let’s Encrypt.”.
Do you plan to remove this limit some day?
What are my other alternative solutions? A zone per site?
Thanks for your help!


Hi Did,

Yes we do plan to increase the limit in the future, although I don’t have an ETA for that yet.

You have 2 options in this case:

  1. You can setup 1 zone per site
  2. You can purchase a wildcard SSL certificate and use it to cache several domains on the same zone.

Thanks Cody! Option #1 is definitively the best one since adding a new zone (or domain) doesn’t impact the others, so no downtime which is not certain with option #2. Besides, it can be done with a few API calls.

Hi @cody

Are there any updates on this topic? Any plans to increase the limit?

It is still on our roadmap although at this time we don’t have an ETA.

Thanks for a prompt reply.

@mpskovvang @cody

Hello! I see it’s been a few months since someone last asked, has the status changed on this at all? :grin:

@cody would love an update on this too, itching to add multiple aliases for multiple domains to a single zone and have TLS provision. :grin:

Lets Encrypt now supports multiple domains per certificate (SAN/UCC) as well as wildcard domains:
Can I get a certificate for multiple domain names?

Certbot can be used to grab such a certificate from Lets Encrypt and that can be installed manually on KeyCDN:

I’d use this too when implemented.

My use case is I want to have multiple zone aliases for a map tile server. Currently I’m hitting the per-domain browser concurrent request limits.