Hide sensitive information on Buy Credits page


Hey there, KeyCDN community!

Just wanted to point out if the information entered on Buy Credits page can be hidden with asterisk signs or something similar - card number and CVC number to be specific.

While the connection itself is encrypted, an onlooker or screen grabbers can steal away this information. These fields can have a button to hide / show the detail entered.

It’s just an idea that hit me while making my payment. Other community members’ views are welcome.



@pzish well, as you mentioned screen grabber, I don’t think the astrics is gonna help anyway if you have an infected computer. Because while screengrabbers cannot grab the astrics, but a key logger can. So, whats the point? Besides after you enter your details, KeyCDN doesn’t show it anymore. So even if you give your login details to an IT guy, he cannot see it.


I do agree with the ‘screen grabber’ part. I don’t seem to agree with ‘what’s the point anyway?’ part. I would still suggest the ‘hide-as-you-type’ approach to hide information while entering it.

Thanks for your response, anyway.


OK lets say the “hide-as-you-type” gets implemented, but how it will protect your details from possible keyloggers?


Even HTTPS doesn’t guarantee complete safety of data. It won’t help if a device itself is infected (say, keyloggers) or a service was compromised. But we do prefer strong SSL security everywhere now, don’t we? It adds another layer of security.
So instead of leaving a door open, we better lock it, just for the sake of additional security. That’s what I’m aiming here.
Nothing ‘guarantees’ 100% security at the end of the day, anyway.
I hope you’re getting my point here.

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Thanks for the feedback. We might consider adding this in the upcoming releases.

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