Excluding certain countries


While testing keycdn.com, I love performance out of Europe, but in Europe I have a great server connectivity and caching in place and my access and load times are better without keycdn, any chance I could use your CDN for world excluding Europe or choose by country?


You would need to solve this on a DNS level with an alias. Check aws53 or ns1 for more details. You cannot control this with KeyCDN settings.


Thanks for your response, could you please elaborate little bit more, what would be the main point of the DNS level solution?

Did you mean I would provide my own IP behind CNAME address instead of cdn.mydomain.com pointing to keycdn, it would point back to me or did you mean something else?

Thank you.


With a zonealias defined you should be able to configure how visitors are routed based on their location. Here is some information about geolocation routing with AWS http://docs.aws.amazon.com/Route53/latest/DeveloperGuide/routing-policy.html