Cookie in Vary header


Hi, does KeyCDN supports “Cookie” in Vary header?

Some discussion about this feature can be read at:!topic/page-speed-service-discuss/82-_dQfTFhc

The use case scenario is that I want to KeyCDN to be able to: “cache a response with a Vary: Cookie as long as the request does not have a Cookie set. While serving out
these responses, we make sure we serve them out to only those users
who do not have a Cookie in the incoming request.”

I understand that KeyCDN has “Cache Key Cookie” feature. ( However, this feature is enabled for the entire Zone. This means that it is not possible to have certain URL paths ignoring the “Cache Key Cookie” feature in a Zone.

With the Cookie in Vary header feature, KeyCDN can let the origin server have finer control over which URLs have the “Cache Key Cookie” feature enable. For public URLs, origin server simple don’t set the Vary: Cookie header.

CloudFlare can support the above use case using PageRules + “bypass cache on cookies” feature.

Thank you.


Thanks for your request. Vary: Cookie is not currently supported for finer control over the “Cache Key Cookie” feature. Although our engineers will evaluate your suggestion.