Cloudinary like image resize feature


Hello KeyCDN Team,

It will be very interesting if KeyCDN will provide Cloudinary like “on request” image resize feature.


Feel free to let me know if this is “out of line”, but I wanted folks to know that I’ve built such a feature into ExactDN, which is of course powered by KeyCDN.

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I’ve been looking for this for a while too. If this were on Key then I’d probably consolidate all my sites into here as it would solve a heap of issues and remove the need for multiple plugins


ExactDN is powered by KeyCDN, just in case you missed that part :slight_smile:


I did have a look at that but At $9 a month it starts to add up when talking about multiple sites. I’m really hoping that KeyCDN quickly realise that image acceleration like Cloudinary offer is an essential part of the CDN mix. Its the responsive, optimised ‘always correctly sized’ functionality that I believe smaller site developers are crying out for.


The new feature Image Processing is now available! :rocket:


Status: The requested feature has been implemented.

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