CDN POP in New Zealand


Help the Kiwis get a decent CDN!


With our current POP in Sydney, we can already offer great performance in NZ but we’re constantly evaluating new locations. We’ll keep your request on our radar. Stay tuned on our blog, we’ll announce any new location there.


I would also like to see POP in New Zealand.
CloudFlare have it. Fastly have it.
To me that suggests there’s good reason for KeyCDN to add a NZ POP.
When recommending CDN services to my NZ clients (I am based in NZ), some of the more astute clients point out there’s no local POP, and ask why I don’t recommend CloudFlare instead. It’s hard to say much to that, except that KeyCDN is a better price. But that’s not enough of an argument for some.



I agree I would really like to see a POP in NZ also.


Yes, please - it would seriously make my day/week/month/year - you get the idea…


We’re currently evaluating various additional locations in ANZ. You can expect a change in June, 2018 :rocket:


Status: The requested POP has been implemented.