Auto Prep-end Zone URL when Purging


When you go to purge an individual URL it might be nice if there was a way to auto prep-end the Zone URL when you purge a URL.

For example, currently you have to copy/paste the Purge URL and then append your site’s file location on the end of it.


+1 for this. That feature would definitely make purging URLs a bit more efficient.


How about if you just need to add the path without the domain? Entering the domain is still possible but becomes optional.



instead of


That would also work :+1:


The domain is still required in some cases. For example if the cache key has been changed to the zone alias instead of the standard domain. This would be the case if your manage multiple websites in one zone (option 2):

We will make this purge simplification with one of the upcoming dashboard releases.


Status: The requested feature has been implemented.

closed #8