Feature Requests

[API] Per Zone API key (per zone purge) (2)
Add wildcard zone referrers (8)
Zone templates, Zone cloning (5)
CDN POP in Colorado (5)
Hide sensitive information on Buy Credits page (7)
CDN POP in the Philippines (4)
Local time zone in reporting (2)
Do you provide ESI support? (4)
API RFE: Traffic report matching urls (4)
Dynamic Protocol HTTP/HTTPS sent to the origin (12)
Allow to remove query string from canonical URL (5)
Static website hosting: custom 404 (6)
Add Forward Host Header support for Origin Shield (4)
Projections in web interface (4)
Can I configure any CDN spending limits? (4)
IP restriction for Secure Token (3)
CDN POP in Jakarta (3)
Custom recharge threshold (7)
CDN POP in Canada (10)
Letsencrypt sponsorship (10)
Request authorization for push zones (6)
Allow using shared ssl and custom/letsencrypt simultaneously (5)
CDN Purge request log (4)
CDN POP in Brazil (4)
Allow creating zonealias before setting CNAME (4)
CDN POP in Switzerland (4)
Two-Factor Authentication (6)